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Just about every story written about Commodore Business Machines (and subsidary Commodore Electronics, Ltd.) has included a reference to Jack Tramiel's famous statement "Computers for the masses, not the classes."
What Commodore created with the Commodore 64, 128, Vic-20, PET, 264 and Amiga can only be understood in the minds of those who owned (and loved) these magnificent machines. Running on 8 (and 16-bit) processors, these computers ("for the masses") redefined how computers were used, sold and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Although Commodore itself went out of business on April 29, 2004, their enduring legacy lives on to this day. R.I.P. Commodore.

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Commodore Business Machines
Commodore Memory Processor Bytes Free Basic Version RS232C Port Joystick Ports Video & Sound Number of Keys
PET 2001  8 KB*  MOS 6502  7,167  BASIC 1.0  No  None  6545/None  73 keys
B-128  128KB*  MOS 6509  31,743  BASIC 4.0  Yes  None  6545A/SID  94 keys
VIC-20  5KB*  MOS 6502A  3,584  BASIC 2.0  No (comp.)  1 Joystick  VIC-I (both)  66 keys
C-64  64 KB  MOS 6510  38,911  BASIC 2.0  No (comp.)  2 Joysticks  VIC-II/SID  66 keys
Plus/4  64 KB  MOS 7501  60,671  BASIC 3.5  Yes  2 Joysticks  TED (both)  67 keys
C-16  16 KB*  MOS 7501  12,277  BASIC 3.5  No  2 Joysticks  TED (both)  66 keys
C-128  128 KB*  MOS 8502  122,365  BASIC 7.0  No (comp.)  2 Joysticks  VIC-II/SID  92 keys
* - Depending on model, configuration and RAM expansion.

Pages on this site

The following pages include information on Commodore 8/16-bit computers. The links themselves range from the 1970's Commodore PET, right on through to the modern-day Commodore Amiga series.

                     The COMMODORE User Forum Come check out the new Web Forum for posting about the
                   Commodore PET, Vic-20, 64, 128, Plus4 and Amiga computers! Many regulars here!

                      Links Section The main Commodore 8-bit and 16-bit links section. I have compiled nearly 20 links
                   with useful information on Commodore computers.

                       Commodore Memory Maps All the main memory maps, ranging from the Commodore PET to the
                   Commodore 128! Very precise information on a variety of memory locations!

                       Useful Commodore 64 PEEKs and POKEs I have managed to compile a fairly lengthy list of useful
                   Commodore 64 PEEKs and POKEs from past Usenet articles (comp.sys.cbm), magazine excerpts
                   and other Commodore Users from around the world.

              Classic Systems Forum A large and active forum dedicated to Classic 8-bit and
                   16-bit gaming consoles and computers, including the Commodore 64! Outstanding! :)

                       Lemon 64 Lemon 64 is an offsite web page that has some of the most comprehensive information
                   on the Commodore 8-bit line of computers available anywhere! Check it out!

                       Snakeman's Main Commodore Page Here is a very nice page devoted to Commodore 8-bit
                   computers! Have a look!

                       My Commodore 128 page My page on the Commodore 128! Includes technical information,
                   including system specifications.


If anything is missing or out of date, then please e-mail me.

Playing Crossroads II: Pandemonium on the
Commodore 64 (Compute!'s Gazette, 1988)

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