Years ago, I wrote an adventure game on the Commodore 128 called "Westfront." In
this game were over 80 locations and objects, spanning the country of Norway
from Oslo to Stavanger and Flora Island.

Included in the  game was a sprite title -- "WESTFRONT" -- as well as an exterior
surface map of the countryside (8 multicolor sprites joined together to form
a 3-D, polygonal map display).

Also included were function key shortcuts to commands such as "GO NORTH" and "INVENTORY".
(The game itself occupied 206 blocks). Westfront had several unique locations and objects, from
a Smurf village to a troll residing "High atop the forest" inside a grass roof hut.

The game was ultimately won by incanting a magical ring "under a deep blue sky",
transporting the player to Mordimar's castle -- the "arch village" in the sky
to Trondheim. Passing into the castle from the courtyard leading to Mordimar's
throne room, victory was achieved by dispatching him in close combat.

Unfortunately, this game was lost due to the notorious "SAVE-WITH-REPLACE"
bug in Commodore DOS. Subsequent attempts at data recovery proved unsuccessful.

"The Tempe of Westfront" was created to both memorialize the lost game and to
pass along sympathetic feelings to those who have lost similar creations.

With the oft-spoken phrase "It is always 2:06" resonating throughout time and
space, the temple is born.


"The Temple of Westfront" needs your stories of loss and sorrow. Regale a lost creation
to the masses by sending your unique story to: d u n r i c @ y a h o o . c o m

Stories will be published below (in abstract format).

From klx300r on

"geez i guess it was back in 85...I made my very first basic game using was a basic little galaga like shooter and I remember it took me over a year to get it working without any make a long story short I saved the game constantly on ONLY 1 disk and one day lent that disk to a cousin of mine who put it in his backpack WITHOUT A BLOODY HARD CASE He calls me that night saying the disk didnt work and that his hard drive hard light kept blinking of course when I saw the disk it was bent and crimpled all over man thats when i started to make backups of my stuff" - klx300r

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