By Sylvain Bizoirre

"MINI-BASIC is a Window Console Basic interpreter using Windows API to manage display, keyboard and files. MBI.ZIP includes executable MINI-BASIC, complete SOURCE listing in MASM assembler, MINI-BASIC user's guide and PITMAN, a special Basic game for MINI-BASIC. Although Mini-Basic works fine, it may be considered as a toy to play with for newbies and experienced Assembly programmers, a piece of code available for modifications, enhancements, experiences and programming pleasure. Some problems are not totally solved (console window resizing for example). Please, report bugs, enhancements, new commands, optimizations you add in MINI-BASIC

New versions will be added to this page to keep MINI-BASIC alive.

Download MINI-BASIC here

MINI-BASIC was written with MASM32 tools available for free at"

Dark Forest 1 & 2 are two text adventures that get around MINI-BASIC limitations to allow text entry when MINI-BASIC lacks strings (and only has 26 scalar variables and 1 array, that being @(x))

Franck Charlet has released a similar version of BASIC called MBasic. You can download MBasic here.
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